About me

Describe  where you grew up?
In Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

I am back in Pretoria after some travelling in my own country. 
We also stayed in
Mohale  Lesotho and in Maputo Mozambique for a few years

I am an full time art quilter and fibre artist

My first quilt memory was when we were staying in Lesotho  The ladies there start a mystery quilt and I thought it was silly to cut fabric in small blocks AnD sew them together again.  That was before I got hooked.

I was about 37 years when I start quilting and my first teacher was Ashley Whitehead Germani and her mother Beatris  They went through a lot of trouble in supplying us with fabric and batting.  She teach my the conservative quilting and rules
About this quilt

I am currently a member of the Jacaranda quilters group in Centurion

Depending on the projects Im working on ,  3 to 4 day minimum a week
My most important tool is my sewing machine and threads

Because I am an art quilter I like to experiment with different techiiques  If I have to choose one it would be prairy points in a modern way

Because I dont work from a pattern I never know how my final quilt will look like.  I start with a basic painted surface which I fill up in the colors and textures I like  It usually changes alot as I remember different fabrics  in my stach and if you change one fabric or coloe everything after that also changes  Thats what I LOVE about what I DO

My family is my biggest fans  They support and encourage me and is always available to help wirh exhibitions

What I ind pleasing about quilting is that I see it as art.  I have learned that art is an effective remedi for mental health.  It is an expressive mediumand help me with communication, stressand in learning different aspects of my own personality


I think  color and composition are the most importantaspecs of an art quilt
Originallity makes an artistic quilt powerful
A great quiltmaker is someone who can break all quilting rules and ends up with a master piece

A great quiltmaker is someone that can break all the rules and end up with a masterpiece

At the moment I am drawn to the work of
Roy Starke who is also my mentor.

A quilt tell a story through naritive  Therefore people can get a glimpse of the artist soul and  circomstances 


The name of the quilt is EDUCATION  I start making it in October 2013  .  Madiba was already sick and  he was a important figure in our history.  It was my compassion for him and his family  in mind.