Enid Viljoen – Art quilter

Size 80 x 80

The Story

I am an artist who has worked with many different media but who has developed a passion for art quilts. I have been studying under the guidens of master quilter Roy Starke for 12 years.

As I was busy creating my family Roy decided to do a portrait of me in the same style.
I am very proud to have my family “quilted” My work has been exhibited in Taiwan, France, South Africa and the United States.

My work is also published in a number of publication

I can be contacted via:

[email protected]

+27 72257 0834


The Story

The love of my life for 31 years. A life full of joy and adventure. Love you then, still do now and will forever.

Machine quilted, applique, hand painted, machine embroided


The Story

This quilt is for all the boys who are still looking for their purpose in life. They are expected to respect and be responsible while the world pressures them.

Machine quilted, applique, hand painted, machine embroided

Exhibited at:

ICQ Africa 2012

Also displayed at the 18th European Patchwork Meeting in ST Marie aux Mines, France in September 2012

Australian Quilt Convention Published in Stitches magazine issue 30 – Oct/Nov 2012

Forever young – Esme

The Story

Esme is my oldest daughter and for me the symbol of
being young forever.

Hand painted, machine embroided, machine quilted and applique

Guardian angel – Renske

The Story

Renske is my youngest daughter and the one who keeps us all in line.
She got a big heart and always look after everyone.
Our family’s guardian Angel.

Machine quilted, hand painted, applique, hand embroided